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Student Union pricing

Simple transparent pricing

Student Expenses is licenced to Student Union finance teams, who then make it available to their students to use.  App users do not therefore need a licence to use the app, but the Student Union (or Organisation) does.

Licence wise, we want our pricing to be clear, upfront, and have no complex charges.  With this in mind, Student Expense licences are based purely upon the claim transactions raised by your students.  Once an organisation is enabled, their students can register within the apps and begin entering claims for approval.

Monthly subscription (recurring)

The number of registered students on the app is not restricted, and instead, our licence is based purely upon the number of transactions created per month.  Within the licence, we include hosting, all platform apps, the SU and accounting API integration, plus, support for your student finance team.  (All prices exclude VAT.)

  • £399 pm, for up to 150 transactions pm (£ 4,788 pa, 1800 transaction pa)

  • £499 pm, for up to 400 transactions pm (£ 5,988 pa, 4800 transaction pa)

  • £599 pm, for up to 800 transactions pm (£ 7,188 pa, 9600 transaction pa)

Setup and on-boarding (one-off)

To get you up and running, we have a standard enablement charge of £1,050 which includes our services to enable and connect the app with your chosen SU and accounting systems.  We configure the API links between your systems and ensure that you get the full potential from your Student Expenses implementation.

A few common questions answered

  1. How many students can register on the app?
    The number of registered students is not restricted by the platform. Usage restriction is instead based upon the actual transaction volume of your users.

  2. What device clients are supported by your apps?
    Our app is a modern multi-platform app that supports mobile, tablet and web environments. We currently support iOS, Android, Mac, iPad, Tablet and modern browsers.

  3. Can students login on multiple devices and apps (computer, phone etc)?
    Yes, in the new mobile world, we expect users to be able to use whatever device they have available and so all devices and apps can be used.  A students could begin a claim on their mobile, add entries to it later via the web and then finally choose to submit it from their iPad.

  4. In terms of licenced transactions per month, what is a transaction?
    A transaction is counted whenever a students creates a new claim in the app.  Subsequent edits, submissions, re-submissions on rejection for approval if failed etc do not add to this count. - It is the initial add new claim action that is key.

  5. If we change ERP or SU system, can we continue to use Student Expenses?
    Yes, the admin module with Student Expenses allows you to select your ERP and SU system providers.  Assuming that we support your new provider, you can simply change your provider - although you may have a little configuration to redo.  If you are considering a provider we do not support yet, contact us to see if we can work with them to add them to the supported list.

  6. Do you have a demo system that we can try before we sign-up?
    Yes, our new apps have a built in demo mode that is available across all platforms (iOS, Android, Web etc).  At the login, simply select "Register or try demo", then select "Try demo login".  Once in the app, you can add claim entries, scan receipts with AI, add mileage with maps etc.

  7. Is there a minimum contract term for the software licence?
    As there are technical elements to the on-boarding and platform configuration we have a minimum 3 month contract duration, and a 1 month notice period for termination.

  8. Do you include software updates within the licence agreement?
    Yes, we have an active roadmap for feature developments, as well as a pro-active approach to security and software fixes.  With this in mind, we constantly update the platform and apps, which then pushes out app-updates via the iOS and Android app-stores as required.

  9. Can we speak to you about licencing, pricing and implementations?
    Of course; we would love to hear from you and get you on board...!
    Drop a mail to and we'll be in touch.

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