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Partner integrations

The perfect partner to your Student and Finance systems

No system operates as an island, and so, with Student Expenses, our goal is to provide the missing link between the leading solutions for Student Management and Student Finance.  Designed to assist student finance teams, our apps provide a powerful multi-platform solution to effectively manage your student expense claims. 


Real-time integrations (no data-syncing)

Using cloud based API technologies, we have enabled real-time integration between the leading suppliers of Student Management and Student Finance systems.  With no offline syncing, or manual CSV uploads, we validate students and their group memberships in real-time, as well as providing Presidents and Treasurers with up to date income/expenditure reporting.

Student Management Systems

  • MSL - Membership Solution Limited (link)

  • SUMS - Students Union Management System Ltd (link)

  • Union Cloud - OneVoice Digital (link)

  • MemPlus - Portsmouth Student Union (link)

Student Finance Systems

  • Iplicit Financials (link)

  • Advanced Exchequer (link)

  • Access aCloud (link)

  • Oracle NetSuite (link)

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