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Moving from Expense365

The modern solution for your students

The Student Expenses solution is developed and operated by Konnekt365 Limited.  As mentioned in our story, the founders of Konnekt365 are actually the original developer team behind your Expense365 solution.  Expense365 was developed by our original business back in 2010, where it was acquired and taken over by Advanced Exchequer in 2014.

With a passion for using the latest innovation and technology, our new Student Expenses solution has been rebuilt from the ground up by Konnekt365 and now provides a modern, multi-platform solution, with true access on any device, at any time.  Our goal is to support new, true, cloud-accounting solutions, such as Iplicit, Access and NetSuite, as well as retaining our original Expense365 integration, with Advanced Exchequer. 

We know Expense365, so we can help you migrate

With the changing needs of hybrid finance teams to now move to newer, cloud-based  accounting solutions, we have created processes to move your existing Expense365 configuration to our new Student Expenses offering.  With your new, or existing, finance solution in place, we can help migrate your current Expense365 users to the new app and make your transition process as easy as possible.

As Advanced Exchequer is still a supported finance partner for our new app, you could choose to continue to use Exchequer, and simply move to Student Expenses to handle your student claims.  This route leaves your finance team as is but will allow students to benefit from the enhanced security and functionality, of our new app.

A few common questions answered

  1. Will students need new login credentials?
    With the new app, your existing Expense365 students will be pre-registered (by us), but they will need to use a new password, supplied by us, to initially login.  The new password is required as our security is now more comprehensive than with the original Expense365.  Once logged in, users can change their password as required.

  2. Can students use both apps during testing/migration?
    Yes, both apps can be installed on students mobile devices.  In addition, Student Expenses now has a web app login if this helps.

  3. Is there now a web client available?
    A common request from Exchequet365 sites - Yes.  As our new technology allows us to have a common app available across multiple platforms, we have apps available for iOS, Android, Mac, iPad, Tablet and web-browsers.

  4. Does the new app provide the same functionality we use today?
    Yes, and plenty more...!  - Our design was to ensure that we added lots of new functionality, but also that we maintained the existing functionality for users that migrate from the older app.

  5. Do you now support multi-factor authentication for new device logins?
    Yes, MFA is enabled by default for all our user sites.  Using MFA adds the extra layer of security that student union IT departments have been requesting.  For app users, it means they will be prompted for an extra verification when logging in from a new device (phone, laptop etc).

  6. We use a finance system not listed as supported - can you support it?
    Currently we support Exchequer, Iplicit, Access and NetSuite; but we are open to adding new integrations in the future.  If you provide us details/contact points, we are happy to review.

  7. Is there now a development roadmap with your new app?
    We do note that the original Expense365 was not enhanced by Advanced for a number of years and this is why Konnekt365 has built a new platform for the future. Konnekt365 are committed to providing a feature rich user experience for students and have an active roadmap in place. 

  8. Can we try out the new app prior to looking to migrate?
    Yes, our new app has a built in demo mode that is available across all platforms (iOS, Android, Web etc). Just download the app, and then, at the login screen, select "Register or try demo", then select "Try demo login".  Once in the app, you can add claim entries, scan receipts with AI, add mileage with maps etc.

  9. Can we speak to you about a migration to Student Expenses?
    Of course; we would love to hear from you and get you on board...!
    Drop a mail to and we'll be in touch.

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