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Available apps

Any device. Any time access.

Designed as a mobile mobile-first experience, our Student Expenses solution has apps for iOS, Android, Mac, iPad, tablets and modern web browsers.  On all platforms, the functionality is the same, but we'll adjust the screen layouts slightly where we have room to make your UI experience even better.


Download links

To get up and running, simply download the app via the mobile app-stores, or choose the web login if you prefer to use a browser.  Our web version is a PWA (progressive web app), so you will also have the option to install it as a shortcut to your desktop/task-bar for quicker access if you prefer.

A few common queries

  1. Do you have a demo system that we can try before we sign-up?
    Yes, all our new apps have a built in demo mode that is available across all platforms (iOS, Android, Web etc).  At the login, simply select "Register or try demo", then select "Try demo login".  Once in the app, you can add claim entries, scan receipts with AI, add mileage with maps etc.

  2. Can I install one or more apps?
    Yes, feel free to install the app on all your devices.  You can then access your data from all your devices, so you have true any device, any time access.

  3. PWA - What is a PWA and how do I install it?
    A PWA is a progressive web app. These apps are designed specifically for a web browser and provide an experience similar to a mobile app.  To install a PWA, navigate to the website as usual, and then on the top right of the address bar you should see an install icon.
    For more information, check out this google help link.

  4. When I first login to the app with my own user, I am asked for MFA?
    MFA is multi-factor-authentication and Student Expenses uses this security technology as standard. In short, MFA provides an extra level of security and is used when logging in to a new device (phone, laptop, browser etc) for the first time.  MFA with email will send a code to your registered email address and require you to enter it with the login details.

  5. Do I need to update the apps manually?
    The web app will automatically run the latest version every time you start it (refreshing, then starting).  For the mobile apps, we typically depend upon the Apple and Android app-store auto-update mechanism.  This updater is usually quite good (checking every few days or so).  To manually check or update however, you can simply go to the app-store and if there is an update option - select it.

  6. I am looking for the admin module - is there a separate app?
    No, the admin functionality exists within our main app, but its appearance on the menu is determined by your user permissions.  If you are not seeing it, and believe you should, please contact your student admin team.

  7. I have a query about the app - can we contact you?
    Of course; we would love to hear from you and try to assist...!
    Drop a mail to and we'll be in touch.

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