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Our story

A focus on mobile, technology and finance solutions.

It may sound a cliché, but we are passionate about the solutions we create.  Having developed financial accounting and software solutions for more than 20 years, our founding team continue to build upon their past success and build new cloud based solutions for our users.


Core team

Having worked together in various organisations during their software development career, our core team is the bedrock of the solutions we produce.  With a shared passion for creating the best software solutions for our users, we strive to deliver leading cloud and mobile solutions for todays any device, any time, organisation.


Ian Randle

Managing Director & Founder

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Jonathan Wareham

Solution Design & Development

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Our journey to Student Expenses

After supporting and developing leading solutions for the award winning Advanced Exchequer solution, our first venture, Konnekt IT Solutions, was acquired by Exchequer's owner, Advanced Computer Software, in 2014.  Acquired for our Exchequer365 and Expense365 specialist mobile solutions, our early mobile offerings were then deployed to 1000's of Exchequer users across the world.

Not content to rest on prior success, and with an eye on future emerging technology trends, we moved on from our acquisition, and were proud to launch Konnekt365 Limited in September 2019.  Continuing our passion to work with the newer, true-cloud accounting platforms and technology, we retained our focus on mobile.

Specialising in multi-platform, any device, any time solutions, we are building numerous projects for users, and were pleased to release our new Student Expenses solution in January 2024.  Designed to work with leading cloud accounting and student management systems - this release is the next generation of Expense365.

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